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The nursery school in Linthipe is off to a wonderful start. Nanze is working to build three large classrooms onto this structure so that on completion of nursery school, the children can progress to standards (grades) 1-3 and complete the first half of primary school. The next phase of the project will be to add additional classrooms, completing the total of 8 primary classrooms. The final phase of Nanze will be to add 4 classrooms completing the secondary school. 


Malawi operates on an 8: 4 model. 8 years of primary education education and 2 years lower secondary and 2 years of upper secondary education.


A borehole is a type of water well that consists of a vertical shaft in the ground. A pump is used to remove contaminants as the water is delivered to the surface.

Pit Latrine

A pit latrine or pit toilet is a type of toilet collects human feces in a hole in the ground. It generally consists of three major parts: a hole in the ground; a slab or floor with a small hole; and a shelter. The use of pit latrines can greatly reduce the spread of disease and illness.

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