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Nanze will construct and support schools for children.

After completing nursery school, the students must either walk 7 miles to the nearest school, or will learn where there is shade from the African sun, most likely under a tree, which is the symbolism behind our logo.




School supplies, textbooks, and classroom furniture to support students.


Work with the Ministry of Education to provide trained Malawian teachers.


Future plans include secondary schooling for students of Nanze Primary. 


In 2019, Nanze reached it's fundraising goal to construct Phase Three of the Nanze Primary school in Chikwasa. Our future goals include securing land and beginning plans for secondary schooling, as well as supporting Nanze Primary School with international volunteers.


(2019) Phase Three Primary School

Nanze has completed the final phase of Nanze Primary School. This phase included the construction of one block of three classrooms, four teacher houses, 4 sanitation facilities, volunteer housing, and an administration block. Phase Three will educate students in grade 6th-8th.

(2018) Phase Two Primary School

Nanze has completed Phase Two of the education initiative. Students will attend Standard 4 and 5 at Nanze Primary.

(2017) Phase One Primary School

Nanze has completed Phase 1 and we have opened our doors for students in Standard 1-3.  The students first day of class was September 18th. Thank you to all who contributed to support the children in Malawi. 

Nanze distributed school supplies and toiletries to the children of Chikwasa in September. We also broke ground on  construction of the Nanze Primary School.   

(2015) 100-100-100 Bookbags

In December, Nanze members travelled to Malawi to visit the school, community center and the livelihood project. It was a great opportunity to sit with the students, teachers and the village chiefs. While there, we delivered over 100 book bags filled with supplies and even more items to the village children. The bags were filled with school supplies, toiletries, staples and a fun item or two.


Among the supplies were learning materials. Laminated wall chart and individual learning pages for the children. This type of exposure to the English language at such a young age helps to provide these children with an amazing leg up. By including Fry's first 300 sight words, these children have a better change in school and life.

(2015) Secured approval from Ministry of Gender and Children's Welfare

In 2015 The Ministry of Gender Children Disability and Social Welfare recognized NANZE as an organization that aims to promote gender equality, and improve the welfare of women, men, girls and boys.

(2015) Land secured for primary school

In 2015, Nanze member Yunus Badat traveled to Malawi and secured land for the primary school. In addtition, land was also secured for teacher housing.

(2014) Community Center

With funds raised from various sources and community participation, Swedish citizens with help of a Swedish UN Association, (Sydvästra Skånes FN-förening) constructed a building with the primary purpose to be utilized as an under-five health clinic in Chikwasa. Completed in 2014, the building has two rooms and has the capacity to house five patients and while providing in-out health services to the community. The Ministry of Health has provided for a nurse to visit the clinic twice a week to provide basic healthcare and vaccinations. Upon completion, the building was handed over to the Chief in Chikwasa village as the Swedish UN Association has finished its programming in Malawi. In agreement with the Chief and the Swedish UN Association, NANZE has taken charge over the Mama Zebbie Community Centre for its maintenance and forthcoming development. The days when the Centre is not in use as a clinic, the building doubles as a Community Centre including other non-governmental organizations utilizing the Centre to conduct weekly community health and wellness checkups. 

(2013) Educational Start Program

 Lakewood High School students in Ohio donated school materials including books and writing supplies, used sporting goods and shoes to students at Mthandiza Primary School 

(2012) Nursery School

The Chikwasa Nursery School was built in 2012 with private donations from Mrs. Birgit Härdig with the assistance of the Swedish UN Association (Sydvästra skånes FN-förening). This Nursery School serves approximately 50 children in the mornings on any given day between the ages of two and five. Children receive a porridge lunch. The nursery school is run entirely by volunteers from the community; in particular two single mothers.

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Monies for a Nursery School were donated by a Swedish national and the school was completed in 2014.  Below are  photos of Nanze members at the Nursery School and future site of the Nanze Academy.


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