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Standard one students singing to Nanze visitors. 


It is estimated that in Malawi only 35% complete their primary education, while for secondary school students these numbers decline to 11%.


In 2012, to kickstart our educational support program in Linthipe, the students of Lakewood High School in Ohio (USA) donated supplies, used sporting goods and shoes to students at Mthandiza School.
Around the same time, Birgit Härdig, a Swedish national, donated the funds to build a nursery school. Nanze collaborated with the parties involved,  and now have come together in an effort to raise funds to build primary school classrooms. Nanze Primary School will be located on the existing nursey grounds in Linthipe. Children who are of primary age will graduate from the nursey and will attend Nanze Primary. Students will continue to attend Nanze Primary until they graduate from Standard 8. 
The long term plan is to continue building until a secondary school is complete, preparing the students for post secondary education. 
The nursery in Linthipe is managed by local volunteers. Nanze supports the operation of the nursery by providing grain which provides meals for the children.
Nanze is establishing contact with the Government of Malawi and the Malawian  Ministry of Education in order to provide teaching staff for schools supported we support.






1:130 teacher to student ratio in the first grade


1:79 teacher to student ratio at primary school level


1 in 4 Students DROP OUT of school each year


51 students per 100,000 are enrolled in post secondary institutions






35% Number of children that complete primary education

7% Number of girls that complete secondary education

15% Number of boys that complete secondary education

  • In Malawi, 90% of Standard 2 students cannot read a single word, Standard 4 students can only read 11 words a minute, and 67% of Standard 6 students are still at the preliterate level. Malawi’s educational performance has continually ranked at the bottom of the Southern African Region.

  • 1/4 of students drop out of school after their first year

  • 44% preschoolers are malnourished 

  • Malawi has the weakest performance in English reading, and second weakest in mathematics among the Southern African consortium

  • less than 50% of ages 15-24 are literate 


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