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We have a three-step approach to empower the families and children we help.

  • Construct new classrooms for students that currently do not have a place to study

  • Provide all the supplies needed for the school including desks, books, and other supplies

  • Work with the Ministry of Education to provide teachers



Nanze Primary School

  • Phase 1: Standards (Grades) 1 - 3

  • Phase 2: Standards (Grades) 4 - 5

  • Phase 3: Standards (Grades) 6 - 8



  • Most people do not have access to potable water, or the majority of boreholes (water wells) are in disrepair

  • Construct a new system of boreholes (water wells) for the Chikwasa and Linthipe Villages in Dedza region.

  • Build new latrines (outhouse)


  • Project is directly in the hands of the Chikwasa Community. This would provide food and if they choose to sell their livestock, an income to the people of Chikwasa and Linthipe.

  • Grow grain on the land for sustenance and selling to support members of the community.

  • Provide livestock increasing needed nutrition, as well as livestock to sell for income for the community

Volunteers preparing lunch for the students of Nanze.

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